Well, it’s been quite a few weeks, hasn’t it.

I can’t speak for everyone of course, but I’d be fairly confident in guessing that most people have spent the past few weeks going through a rollercoaster of thoughts, emotions, and even actions …

Perhaps we’ve been in denial that this virus would impact our country as it has others, followed by despair, when we realise it has.

We’ve probably all had moments of positivity, quickly followed by despondency … and this on a chain of repeat that has become quite exhausting.

One minute we’re up, the next we’re down … one day we’re strong, the next, not so much … one day we’re focused on “business as usual”, the next we’re thinking about changing our business entirely.

It’s been a ride, that’s for sure.

But the GOOD NEWS is this …

We’ve reached a stage where we know the situation – at least for the short-term. And that means we can start to focus again.

For the next three weeks, we all need to stay at home as much as possible. We all need to work from home. We all need to limit our movements.

We all know where we’re going to be, and what we’re able to do – in relation to our “normal” day-to-day – for the next three weeks. And that provides us with a clear and calm starting point from which we can start planning.

So, now that we know our new situation, what do we need to focus on?

Well, of course we’ll all be facing different situations and different priorities, but my advice is this:

We need to sit down and take stock of where we are, where we need to be, and how we’re going to get there.

We need to remember to focus on the things that we “can”, and not focus on the unknowns, or the “what ifs”.

Above all, we need to try and focus.

And in order to do all that, we need to think about the following four key areas, in a certain few ways …

Cash and Finances

Beyond the health implications of the situation the world is currently living through, this will be most people’s biggest concern right now. So it’s the most important area to get straight in your head.

And that means thinking about the whole picture, in as many different ways as you can.

“What have I got now” is bound to be a common starting point. But get detailed, get specific … get things 100% clear.

What do you need, and by when. What changes might you be facing to your usual income. What potential factors from other people, or other sources, might impact your finances. And what are the options from the government that you can potentially utilise.

Yet that’s still only the beginning …

You know how to earn money; you’ve been doing it already. So what “normal” methods of earning are still open to you? How can you maximise their potential, and their profitability? What small changes can you make to ensure those funds are replenishing quickly … perhaps quicker than normal? What changes can you make to reduce your overheads?

Focus on your cash and finances. Know every last detail of it. And then, it becomes less scary. And even if it still seems scary … the fact that you KNOW exactly what you have, what you need, and what your options are, gives you the POWER to know exactly what you need to do.

And that power, which leads to ACTION, is the surest way to succeed.

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Marketing and Growth Systems

Next – how do you GROW? How do you market yourself, in this current environment? How do you keep that business coming in … or better yet, increasing?

Well firstly, don’t think you have to start reinventing the wheel. Yes, your environment has changed, but YOU haven’t.

You still know how to attract, inspire and convert clients.

You still know how to deliver results for clients.

You still know how to solve problems, and provide value, and offer a service that others need.

So even if you do need to adapt the “solution” you’re offering … even if you need to adapt it a lot … remember that you ALREADY know how to find the clients, how to inspire them, how to convert them.

A lot might have changed in a matter of weeks … but not as much as you might be telling yourself. Remember your skills, remember your strengths, remember how much you already know.

Leader Mindset

Human nature is to look to a leader … particularly when we’re faced with the unknown. We want someone calm, and knowledgeable, and strong … and we want them to show us what to do.

People are always seeking leaders to follow, and leaders will always be followed. And a good leader will give huge strength to those that do.

Yet remember ­– a leader doesn’t haven’t to be THE leader. There can be leaders in every household, every company, every sports team, every group of friends … and there can be multiple.

So now, in this time of change, focus on BEING a leader. Or at least, focus on adopting that leader MINDSET.

The mindset of knowing what you CAN control, what you can’t, and focusing your attentions on the former.

The mindset of seeing the real situation, and the greater picture, and not getting overwhelmed by what seems to be the case, or what might.

The mindset of seeing possibility, of the need to change and adapt, and being able to take the steps towards that.

Leaders are those who are unafraid to decide on a path, a way forward, and to confidently set off down it. And their confidence in doing so will always spur others to do the same.

During this time of change and unknowns, lots of strong leaders – in every aspect of life – will give the world the boost it needs to come out of this fighting.

Adopt a leader mindset, and be a part of that boost.

Strategic Plan

This was important when you first set up your business … it was important when your business was in its first, second, every year … and it is still important now.

The same rules apply, so stay focused on enacting them as you always have.

Stay focused on having, building, and adapting your strategic plan.

In all likelihood, your strategy will need to change from what it was only a few weeks ago … but that’s ok.

Remember that you have skills, knowledge, knowhow and connections that enable you to solve problems that others need solving.

Our environment has just changed, but those capabilities haven’t. You just need to adapt to your new environment … and THAT very change, that “adaptation”, needs to be a part of your new strategic plan.

Know your direction. Know your plan. Know your goals. Know your expectations.

You did it once before, and it worked. You can do it again.

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