I gave a talk this morning on the topic of The Busyness Delusion, and sold a few (sneaky!) copies of my new book.

Others said they’d wait to order it next Monday on Amazon (which is a HUGE help with the launch idea.)

Anyway … it struck me as helpful / useful to share freely … and give access to the early parts of the book, so you can dive in and get the idea … “try before you buy”, if you like 😉

What you’ll find is the book is a combination of a story and a guide.

It’s the story of Simon …

… who started his own business a few years back, and finds himself working really hard, being really busy, but not getting the financial rewards for all those efforts.

And it’s the guide to show why Simon’s efforts are not paying off and – specifically – what he can do to change his situation within a matter of weeks.

My aim is to guide as many people as possible who share Simon’s situation to their business and personal financial security.

Those who’ve already read advance copies have said it’s completely changed how they see their business. As a result, they’re now making decisions and taking actions that are having a major positive impact.

I love it when that happens – it still gives me a thrill, even after all the years of doing this work.

But anyway … the point I wanted to share with you here is that I’ve decided to SHARE THE PROLOGUE AND FIRST CHAPTER with you … right now … you can just download it.

Then you can see WHY I’m confident this book can help so many people … my aim is to help anyone and everyone who recognises Simon’s situation in themselves and change that … forever.

So … could I ask a favour?

If you’d like to download the first couple of chapters, would you pop over to thebusynessdelusion.com and download it?

You can’t buy it yet (and you’re not committed to buying it later) … but it’ll let me know who to send the Amazon links to after the “big release”. (It’ll be in paperback and Kindle formats).

There are more resources and tools being added later this week as well … so when you download the sample, you’ll get automatic access to those too. (I know! Bargain, right?!)

Oh, and just so you know … the irony isn’t lost on me: I’m very busy with all this right now! I’d love to hear from you (reply to this email, or sign up at the website) … let me know that all this busyness isn’t delusional!


PS Quick reminder – to download, just head over to https://thebusynessdelusion.com

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