About Us

Who We Help

We help small business owners turn their 'business-as-a-job' into a Sellable Business.

Even if they've never thought of selling, their business does have a value today. The question is, is selling it an option? If it's not worth 'enough' it's because it relies on the owner, or there's not enough consistency to know it'll grow in the future. Or both. 

We help them build a platform that generates dependable leadflow, converts into recurring cashflow and builds a reputation that's valued at a level to give the owner options.

Long-term compounding business to provide security and time for themselves and their family.

What We Do

We help these small business owners take control of their long-term financial security - a business that's self-running, secure and valuable, so they can keep the business (and the earnings it generates) or sell it (and fund the next stage of their life).

We do this through our two guided projects:
Financial Security Platform and The Sellable Business Roadmap.

Our method optimises reputation, delivering dependable profits, client results and personal freedom. We do this through a simpler, superior approach you won't find elsewhere.

The purpose of your business is not to keep you busy. It's to have all 3Fs - Financial security, Freedom and Fulfilment.

A Sellable Business is a 3Fs business.

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Why work with us

Sports professionals don't try to figure everything out alone. They have managers, coaches and a support team.

They commit to 'whatever it takes'.

That's our approach with clients. Our method works. However, 'knowing' the method is different from 'doing' what's necessary. So we do whatever it takes to help you do what's necessary.

At the end of the day, you'll have a Sellable Business. To keep it or sell it is your choice. We help make sure you have these options.

One-on-one Mentoring

The fastest, most secure way of making progress. Confidential support means any and every problem, challenge and uncertainty can be dealt with alongside someone who's been through it before you.

Group Support

The 4-minute mile was considered impossible. After Roger Bannister achieved it, others quickly followed suit.

Same here. When you see your peers achieving what you thought 'hard', it lifts your game too, and everyone wins.

Online Resources

All the details in the format you need: videos, templates, spreadsheets, forums.

We prioritise implementation so there's immediate access to the resources you need so you can do what you need to do to get the results that are worth it.

Our Philosophy

Think & operate as an investor (in your own business). Investors master the art of growing assets (including money AND time). We help you use investor thinking to build a financially secure Sellable Business for the long-term. We follow a philosophy built on eight core principles:


Be you. Be valuable. Live free


Save time, learn fast


Build reputation on client results


Stay in the game, stop stopping


Let compounding do the work


If others can, so can you


Learn the art of saying no


Focus on what you control

Meet The Team

A lean organisation focused on long-term successful client results and relationships


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