Introducing the ACC System ...

The secret to big progress is small, consistent, important actions 

Accountability, Commitment & Consistency is how the magic happens

ACC stands for Accountability, Commitment & Consistency

The ACC system has a simple yet significant purpose:

a) to be a system to make decisions
b) to follow up so you stay on track

This is how you get to achieve ANY goal without needing "massive action'.

Small steps ...

There's nothing wrong with massive action, of course - it can be the shortest route to big wins.

However, many people find it impractical to sustain such high activity levels.

And yet ...

... we can also achieve big goals by taking small steps too.

As long as we take enough of those steps consistently.

The trouble is, in the real world many people struggle with consistency.

Here's why:

  • yesterday's priority is too easily replaced with today's urgent work
  • general day-to-day busyness makes it easy to lose track or forget what the goals were
  • before long, the goals have been replaced with whatever is urgent and front of mind

And as a result, when we look back, we realise:

  • we've been busy 
  • but don't have the important results to show for it

How about being less busy and yet more productive, more effective ... and with bigger goals achieved?

This is where the ACC system comes in

No special app needed.

It's a system that takes about 10 minutes per week, plus 3 minutes each day.

It keeps you on track ... to what really matters to you.

When you "plug yourself in" to the ACC system you'll start seeing tangible results ... every day, every week, every month, every quarter and every year.

It's engineered that way.

ACC is designed to help you: 

  • achieve what you want
  • without relying on "massive action"
  • in small, achievable steps
  • and, ultimately, by doing less
  • and doing it consistently

So ... would now be a good time to start being less busy and more effective?

Would now be a good time to take away the pressure and distractions?

Then "plug yourself in" using the form below, and let's start making your life and work easier ... and surprisingly effective.

(Oh, and in case you're wondering, if you decide it's not for you, you just click a single link and you're "unplugged" - no hassle at all - it's designed so you're fully in control of how you want it to support you)

Why is the ACC system free?

Because it's automated - that's why! I designed and built it to solve my own problem:

  • deciding what's important
  • breaking that into small tasks
  • keeping track and keeping consistent

I was so pleased with how it helped, I shared it with all my clients.

And as more and more people use the system it doesn't slow down, it just works - so why not share it freely?!

(In fact, once you've experienced it, please DO share it with anyone else who's too busy to achieve big goals!)