Picture the scene: you’re the special guest speaker at an event and you’re waiting in the wings.

On stage is the announcer. They’re introducing YOU. What are they going to say?

Who are you? What are you known for? What do you stand for?

On the route to freedom and fulfilment as a business owner, you’ll encounter lots of challenges, but they can all be made a little easier to navigate if you get your positioning strategy right.

The questions that announcer will ask you before making the big introduction are critical. Their answers will have a PROFOUND impact on your business.

Why ‘strong positioning’ is elusive

Ah, the elevator pitch. Business coaches and experts love waxing lyrical about it, don’t they?

It’s therefore a bit of a shame that it’s such a hard thing to get down on paper.

Have you tried to write your own elevator pitch? Difficult, isn’t it? Invariably, you’ll end up with an entire page of ramblings about why your business is the best thing since sliced bread and all the products and services you offer. A page no one will ever read.

Elevator pitches are just the start of your brand positioning strategy. But this stuff is so elusive. We’re told time and again that long-term thinking fosters the best business strategies, but it’s often hard to see past the end of the week.

Thankfully, there are some unexpectedly simple ways to make brand positioning work in your favour.

brand positioning

Balanced versus unbalanced

Time for another analogy, but this time we head to the fighting arena.

Imagine a martial arts fighter who’s in the ring, ready for the ensuing battle. Feet planted firmly, knees slightly bent, body alert; she’s ready.

The audience can see she’s ready, because that stance indicates a confidence, balance, and strength. It’s inspiring; you’d put your money on that fighter, wouldn’t you? Certainly, you would when you spot her opponent.

Leg twitching and entire body bent forward, the second fighter appears to be completely UNBALANCED. She’s practically on tiptoes, reaching out to try and get a quick jab in before the fight has even started.

There’s no contest, is there? And we can transfer this into the world of business, too.

Imagine you’re having a conversation with a potential client. Which stance do you take? That of the assured, balanced fighter, or the desperate, unassertive, frantic opponent?

Leaning forward and begging “please, please hire me” is no match for confident, assured brand positioning.

Make your clients the lucky ones

When you win a new contact, do you count your lucky stars? They picked you! How incredibly fortunate for your business!

Remember – just like those marital arts fighters, YOU choose your stance, and depending on which one you opt for, the luck will either fall on your shoulders or those of your new clients.

It shouldn’t be hard to convince customers to buy from you. They should feel lucky that they’ve found you – to the point where they feel like they have no choice but to grab the opportunity they’ve been gifted.

You’re not the lucky one – they are. They get the chance to have their problem solved by an expert who will offer them exceptional skill and value.

This doesn’t happen by accident if you get your brand positioning right. You either choose it or let your audience decide. How much your products or services are perceived to be worth relates directly to how easily new customers will jump on board.

What’s more, with the right positioning (that you’ve confidently chosen yourself), they’ll recommend you over the competition because, while your products may be similar, you’re the one standing confidently in that ring.

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