On the road to financial security, freedom, and fulfilment, you’ll find that exchanging your time for money is a surefire method for disappointment.

Time is the most VALUABLE ASSET we have – not just in a business sense, but in life.

Time is the one thing that we can never get back. This is why we must rework our ways of thinking about time and money in order to free ourselves from the treadmill.

Selling time vs building assets

We all start somewhere. Even if you’re in a salaried role where you’re clocking in each morning and clocking out each evening, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

When you sell your time, you work once, and you get paid once.

When you build an asset, you work once, and you get paid many times.

Remember: your job is not an asset.

If you’re working for a company and creating things for the company to use over and over again, your job may involve building assets of some kind. But your job itself is not an asset.

Your job is an exchange; you exchange your time for money.

Because we only have a limited amount of time, we often max out at a certain amount of value we can offer. Even if you live frugally and save for retirement, you’ll still have to keep up this same time-for-money exchange for decades.

Your job is not an asset, but if you build a method, that could become an asset.

building assets

Creating a high demand offer

A high demand offer is an asset.

If you have a skill, a method, or a new way of thinking that your audience finds valuable, that skill, method, or way of thinking will be in high demand. This high demand offer is an asset.

Start with your audience. What are their pain points? What do they need? What do they have that they want more of?

Think of the ways your knowledge intersects with what they are struggling with.

Next, think about your existing client relationships. Consider your most satisfied clients and the clients who have come back for more. What about your services has made them so satisfied?

Finally, think about your position. What are you known for? What do you stand for? What are you the best at? If you can translate those things into a high demand offer, you will be golden.

Return to the 3Fs

If you keep selling your time, you will be on the treadmill forever. You’ll need continuous energy and time, and you won’t be able to let up until you retire.

If you keep chasing your clients, you will still be on the treadmill. You’ll still need that continuous energy.

But if you build assets, you will start to see exponential growth.

Your business should bring you financial security, or financial peace – having the ability to create income at will. Imagine that!

Your business should bring you freedom and deliver the ability to live and work on your own terms with whomever, wherever, and WHENEVER you choose.

Your business should also bring you fulfilment and the ability to focus on others instead of yourself and contributing to the world because your time and money are plentiful.

Assets will bring you financial security, freedom, and fulfillment.

If you transition to focusing on building assets, you will have a say in your long-term future in a way that you won’t with a standard, salaried, time-for-money job.

You have the key. Now, open the door!

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