You started your business a while ago and you’ve worked hard to build it into what it is today … sound familiar?

You hired some staff … which was at the time was a major decision.

Sometimes you got that right, sometimes it didn’t work out, but you learned.

You now have a few staff and, for the most part, they’re a good team.

Sure, they’re not quite as committed as you are, and they don’t quite understand everything in the business as well as you do but on the whole … they’re OK.

And they’ll stay ok as long as YOU’RE in control.

As long as YOU’RE on top of everything.

As long as YOU know what’s going on, what’s happening with sales, any problems for customers, making sure suppliers (and wages!) are paid and on time …

BUT staying in control is getting harder and harder as the business grows.

There’s more and more to keep track of and it means you’re either working longer hours, or you’re struggling to get everything done.

Does that sound familiar?

So … how DO you stay in control?

Is it actually possible to be in control as the business gets ever bigger … and still stay SANE!?

That’s the dilemma for the business owner as things get more complex. 

The way you stayed in control in the past will not allow you to stay in control in the future …

And if you try … can you see what will happen?

So here’s a question for you …

What change can YOU make so you’re in control of your business, without getting involved in all the detail?

Answer that … and you’ve got the keys to a wealthy future!

What do you think?

Care to share your ideas or experience …?

About the Author Chris

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