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For the next 110 minutes ... focus.

Turn off and put away distractions so you can TAKE PART in this workshop "as live".

This isn't a course to "learn", expecting to do the work afterwards ...
it's a hands-on "do the work IN the workshop" session.

So ... roll up your sleeves, get comfortable, grab paper & pen, open your mind and ears ... and
let's get you Packaged, Promoted & Profitable.

Designed specifically for service providers who sell their time, this workshop opens the door to
transitioning AWAY from trading-time-for-money.

In the workshop:

  • turn your existing expertise into a packaged offer
  • create a NEW income stream that needs less of your time
  • craft the marketing message to match what people are already looking for
  • price this offer for its value ... and stop selling time

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