Instead of endlessly generating more leads ...

Find Paying Clients in your Existing LinkedIn Connections

How service businesses are adding an extra £5k - £25k per month
from as few as 500 existing connections

Have you noticed it too?

How so much marketing advice is around getting ‘more leads’.

Telling us we should be posting content, ‘showing up’ every day and building lists?

Maybe I’m missing something? If you have over 500 connections (LinkedIn or elsewhere) … how many more leads do you need?!

The problem doesn’t seem to be ‘not enough leads’ … it’s how to turn those leads into paying clients.

After all, we all know what it's like to get annoying 'pitch' messages on LinkedIn. You don't want to be one of those people.

But you do want to get their interest and become clients.

Well, it turns out you can get your connections to show you they're ready ... if they hear from you in the right way.

There's a small group of service businesses doing exactly this. We've turned connections lists into a new kind of asset - a source of financial security.

We've had people have a £20k pay day from just 300 connections. And others add £15k per month from under 800 connections.

When you can do that, 'getting more leads' isn't a worry.

And in this training I'll show you exactly how you can do it too.

As a bonus? If you're currently selling your time, I'll show you how you can charge for your expertise in a new way. So you can earn more without working more.

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Hi - I'm Chris Gardener

I help service businesses (like consultants, coaches and agencies) simplify what they do so they grow revenue, gain control and release time. 

Marketing efforts become much simpler when you 'pull' rather than 'push'. People ask you for help. 

This training helps this happen for you too.

Because 'simpler' is often more effective.

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Turn your existing connections into a source of financial security 

A few soundbites ...

"This is a completely different way of thinking about my business - I'm buzzing with new possibilities!"

financial consultant

"It's given me a new and effective approach on how to take my services to clients and always have spare capacity."

design agency owner

"This has changed my perspective of my offer and my expertise."

business coach

"You, sir, are a bloody genius!"

marketing consultant