We don’t have a National Health Service – we have a national SICKNESS service. It’s there for when we get sick.

Which means there’s a HUGE price to pay for it.

Yes, it would be much less costly (in many ways) to make “smart” decisions that would keep us healthier (happier) for longer. Yet often we don’t.

How come?

Two words: instant gratification.

We want it … and we want it NOW.

We want “treats” – let’s have them NOW … and deal with the consequences LATER. (Who cares about “later”?! We’ll deal with it … later.)

We don’t get “health” instantly – we need to INVEST for it. We need to make decisions, take actions … THEN we get the rewards.

There’s no instant gratification for health. And THAT’S why we have a national sickness service.

This is not just true for health – it’s true in our businesses too.

We WANT financial peace & security.

We KNOW this takes investment.

Trouble is, investments – REAL investments – don’t usually give instant gratification. They can pay off HUGELY … we just need to be smart enough to commit.

The benefits of “instant gratification” decisions are short-lived.

On the other hand, the benefits of “investment” decisions can be long-lasting.

For a LONG-LASTING business, there’s only ONE route to make that happen:


We can invest time, energy or money. Investing in know-how and guidance can reduce the investment in time.

Short-lived or long lasting benefits are just a decision.

Your decision.

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