The 5th of December is a meaningful day for me.  

It is the anniversary of the day that my wife died.   

We had been together for about 28 years, so I feel VERY lucky to have had such love and connection with one special person for so much of my life.   

Something I find myself reflecting on at this time of year is … what happened AFTER that day.    

Because when something  significant like this happens, it seems like it’s offering a “life wake up call”.   

That said, you don’t NEED a “life wake up” event to make a change. You can DECIDE to make the change yourself. 

My Story 

When my wife passed away, my FOCUS was to make sure our kids (aged 13 and 11 at the time) felt secure, safe and loved.  

They needed their dad. Somebody who was going to be there, solid, who loved them and that they felt secure with.   

But … at the same time, because life happens, you’ve also just got to find a way of working and earning money.  

Before my wife went through the illness, I was working as an independent Finance Director for a number of companies.  

I really enjoyed it! I loved the clients, they all had really fascinating businesses, it was stimulating and fascinating.  

So everything was good … EXCEPT …   

… people would ask … “How’s business?”    

And I’d realise it wasn’t really a business … it was effectively a JOB.   

If I stopped working then the income stopped as well, which is the fundamental characteristic of a ‘job’.    

As a widowed father with two young kids, I needed TIME for them and SPACE to love them.   

Yet I still needed to work and pay the bills …    

And that’s how we came to form Strategic Mentors. We set up a business in quite a different way so that it wasn’t JUST a job.    

The Message 

It’s worth noting that MY change was caused by a life wake up call. It was forced upon me. 

When you’re forced into a life wake up call, sometimes it can work out very well for you.   

But MAYBE you already know that you want significant change in your life, your work and maybe even in your business right now.  

What is the change that you’re looking for?

Because you don’t have to wait for the TRIGGER to be forced upon you.   

We all have FREEDOM to CHOOSE at any point in time.   

December happens to be a time where it encourages reflection. You start thinking about what happened in the last year, and what you WANT in the year ahead.   

YOUR 2019 does not have to be the same as 2018.   

How to change 

What needs to happen to have a different 2019, is to make a DECISION that it will be different …    

When you’ve decided and COMMITTED that 2019 is going to be different in certain ways … even if you don’t know how it will be different … then you can start working on the how.   

You need to make a decision that says, ‘I’m committed to doing this.’   

Start by being clear on WHAT you want to do, what CHANGE you want to make, and WHY.   

Then, make the COMMITMENT to go for it!   

In my experience, and in the experience of a lot of people I know … when you do make a commitment, everything shifts.    

When you shift your thinking from “I hope next year is a good year” to “I’m not prepared to have the same again. I’m ready to change. I WANT to commit to something” …  

… THEN some magic can really happen.    

So, what would your 2019 shift be? What CHANGE would you love to make?   

I wish you every success in getting there, but remember it starts not with hope or wishing or even with having a goal …    

It starts with a COMMITMENT to make it happen!

I created a system for you to use for free that not only helps you to set goals, but to commit to them through accountability.

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