I heard something recently, that REALLY struck me. It was a really simple idea, but actually really important;

You don’t HAVE to be better than your competition in order to have a successful business and in order to thrive.

You don’t NEED to be better.

Even if that need is really quite instinctive.

He had a different perspective, a different idea beyond being better that is MUCH more useful.

The Perspective

How do you choose your competitors?

Do the people that you buy from really have to be better than their competition? Is that the ONLY way someone can be successful?

The chances are, you may not even be aware of their competition.

The chances are that’s also true for you.

It’s actually hard and unnecessary to be better than everybody else.

What’s easier and more important for your market than being better than your competition?

The Idea

The idea was not to be better. You CAN be better, but you don’t NEED to be better.

The more useful perspective is to be DIFFERENT, but not just different for the sake of it. Different in a way that means something for your market, for your audience, for your ideal client …

What are they looking for that you can provide and is DIFFERENT from someone else? In what ways can you be different?

There are many classic marketing case studies about being different, but it’s usually much simpler than that.

Perhaps the easiest way to be different is simply to UNDERSTAND what your audience and target market have tried before. What have they tried that solves the problem that you solve?

Who have they tried and why didn’t it work?

When you understand why that didn’t work, and what was missing for them, YOU can then provide what was missing … you’re DIFFERENT!

You’ve created a gap between YOU and EVERYBODY else who you may be perceived to be competing with.

Once you become meaningfully different for your audience, you actually don’t have competition in the usual sense.

You’re not competing on the same level because you’re playing YOUR OWN game, you’re being different.

Those people I’ve worked with that REALLY hook into this, and become significantly different suddenly find the whole point about competition MUCH less significant.

When you’re different, and when your offer is right … YOU become the only rational choice for them to solve their problem.

This perspective certainly made a big difference in my own business, and also for people that I’ve worked with.

Drop me a message if you’d like to find out how YOU can become the ONLY rational choice for your clients.

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