“There’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” … you’ve probably heard this beautiful myth.

It’s been told for centuries, aimed at encouraging people to “keep going, keep trying, you’re nearly there”.

Only you’re never nearly at the end of the rainbow, are you?!

Yet, despite the fact that this myth is precisely that – a myth – it’s seen as a seductive call to action.

Keep working. Keep trying. You’ll get there.

This was a fine advice during farming days and later, during industrial times. It was important to keep workers tied to the idea they were helping a worthy cause by working longer and harder.

Nowadays, though, we’re not in the agricultural or Industrial Age. The Information Age doesn’t reward longer hours and harder work.

It rewards results and outcomes.

I don’t know about you, but I still see and hear (every day!) people asking “how do I get more clients?”

Unsurprisingly, there’s also no shortage of people offering tricks, blueprints and a formula to meet that need … to get more clients.

But wanting “more clients” is like trying to find the end of the rainbow.

When you get “more clients”, what do you want? Usually, it’s still “more clients”!

“More clients” isn’t really what people want … it’s the perceived solution to what they really want.

The idea is “more clients” will give “more money” … and so financial security is the real goal.

Chasing the rainbow is one route … but as you and I both know, the pot of gold at the end will keep moving away.

What if …?

What if we stopped chasing “more clients”?

What if we could achieve what we really want (financial security) without “more clients”?

What if we could achieve it with fewer clients?

How about we go straight to the pot, rather than dancing around the rainbow year after year?

I don’t know … maybe you like the thrill of the chase, continually seeking “more clients”? Maybe you like the struggle, the hustle of working with ever more clients?

If so, great! The rainbow is beautiful.

It just doesn’t bring us closer to the pot of gold.

In truth, we don’t need to follow the rainbow. We don’t need more clients. We can have financial security with fewer clients (and enjoy more time to ourselves as part of the bargain).

If you’re wondering how, please get in touch, or follow this link and I’ll show you how. I’ll also show you how many different business types are already tapping into this different approach.

Of course, if you want to keep enjoying the thrill of the chase, and the work involved in serving more and more clients, there’s nothing wrong with that too.

It’s all about making choices … and choosing the options that serve us best.

Following the rainbow to reach the pot of gold, or walking straight to that pot of gold and picking it up … whichever is your preferred choice is the right one for you.

Here’s to your financial security!

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