At the start of a new year, there’s so much talk around setting goals for next year and feeling inspired as though it’s going to be the best year EVER.

That’s the idea …

But we know in reality, that for so many people who set those goals … it doesn’t last.

Why is that …? Is there a problem with setting goals?

Of course not.

There’s nothing wrong with having a vision of WHERE you want to get to.

However … having a goal, or a vision is only part of the process.

Goals are necessary but not sufficient in order to have what you REALLY want.

An Example

Consider Olympic sports.

What’s the goal?

For most, it’s to win the gold medal, right?

However, only ONE person can ever win the gold in a single event.

Does everyone else have the wrong goal?


This illustrates the reality that HAVING the goal is not enough to GET the goal.

It may provide some focus, direction and motivation for you … yet this is not enough.

So … what is going to make the difference?

The Answer

What’s necessary to ACHIEVE your goals, is to have a METHOD or a SYSTEM in place … to figure out the way you’re going to get there.

The system is actually MORE important than the goal itself.

When you’ve got your SYSTEM for achieving the outcome you want …

… it’s going to be MUCH more achievable.

When you know HOW to get what you want, you know what to do.

And without the system … well, you’ve probably experienced what this is like (many times!) – a yo-yo routine of trying and giving up.

We’ve all done it (endlessly?!) – switching to a new idea, trying something different … when in fact ALL you need to do is nail the system.

When you design YOUR method for achieving what you want … that’s when life AND business will start to run MUCH smoother.

And you’ll probably end up being less busy by doing it …

That was me too

I would set ambitious goals, and feel motivated, inspired and ready to jump into action.

And, like almost everyone I know, I could only keep up the focus and the commitment for a short time. Other priorities (shiny objects?!) claimed my attention.

The result?

Time passed … and when I looked back, I could see I’d been very busy … and yet had got nowhere near my goals.

So I designed a system

Truth is, I don’t believe in “massive action” … at least for me.

There’s nothing wrong with it – it’s totally possible to achieve big results with massive action!

But I’ve found I can’t sustain that level of intensity and performance.

Instead, I’ve found it much easier to move forwards with lots of small actions.

The trick (if you can call it that) is to take these small actions consistently.

Which, rather frustratingly, introduces another problem – taking action consistently.

I know I’m not alone working in fits & starts, rather than consistently.

So … I needed a system that would deal with the consistency problem too.

And that’s what I’ve built.

And I’d like you to have this system too.

How about a system that helps you decide what’s important … both in the future, and right now?

And how about a system that supports you in making the decisions you need to make?

How about a system that uses what you already use? (The last thing I wanted was yet another app on my phone!)

That’s what I’ve designed … and right now I’d love you to use it too.

As I’m sharing it with you, I figured it needs a name.

The system works by creating commitments for yourself, and then it helps you check whether you completed those commitments … so it’s a combination of accountability and commitment.

So I’ve called it the Accountability & Commitment Club (ACC for short).

It’s not a club in the sense of a community – there’s no FB group, no meet-ups. There are so many of those already available to you, you simply don’t need another one in order to have a system work for you.

It’s a club in the sense that there are many users of the system.

And if you want the next 12 months to be “surprisingly successful” just by focusing on small steps … then you can join the club to experience how it works for you.

There’s more info and the invitation here:

It takes about 10 minutes per week and 3 minutes per day.

If you can find that time I think you’ll get on pretty well in the ACC.

I hope you take up the invitation.

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