Have you ever been stuck at a party talking to ‘the party bore’…?

Someone who just talks and talks about themselves and has no empathy for you or whether you want the conversation or not.

No one wants to be in that position, or even be that person.

But what is the opposite of the ‘party bore’? What makes someone interesting?


Being interesting

Someone who is interesting is actually interested in you, who you are and what your story is, rather than just themselves.

They might bring a different perspective or idea to ‘the norm’.

But what really makes you interested in someone else is when there is a common ground.

Having something in common with the person you are talking to, allows you to form a connection with them. And forming connections, as Tony Robinson says, is one of the six human needs.

Isn’t it interesting that when you have a connection with someone or a common ground… everything seems to work that much better?

Your marketing message

Thinking in a business sense, if your marketing message was someone at the party, who would it be…?

Of course, you want your marketing message to be the interesting person

Take a look at what your marketing message is, whether in your emails, social media or blog posts.

Is it talking about THEM…? Or is it talking about yourself?

Are you talking about something that they wouldn’t expect? Something that is different to everyone else and makes you stand out?

Is there a common ground in there, that the reader can relate to?

…Something that makes you interesting?

When looking at your marketing, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Is it different?
  2. Is there common ground?
  3. Is it focused on them rather than you?

What’s ironic, is in evolutionary terms it is natural to only be interested in and look out for yourself. Fundamentally we are most interested in ourselves.

So why not turn this on its head and become interesting…?

If you want to be interesting to someone else, YOU need to become interested in their world. And the most interesting thing in their world… is THEM.

So take a look at your marketing messages, and let go of the idea that you need to prove how awesome you are. Because they are NOT interested.

Instead… focus on THEIR world and what they want to hear or engage with.

When you do this, watch what happens with engagement and your leads!

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