Invitation for Moulsford Prep Networking Group

Designing a Business you can Keep or Sell

so your business works for you

rather than  the other way around

How founder-led businesses become valuable enough
you never need to work for money again

Here's what's happening ...

On Thursday 9 November, at 12pm over Zoom ...
I'm running a short workshop specifically for members of the Moulsford Prep Networking Group.

This will be perfect for those who have their own business.

We'll be answering these questions ...

👉 Financially, how much do I need (to not have to work again)?
👉 What does my business need to look like to be worth that?
👉 How much is my business worth today?
👉 Should I plan to sell it, or keep it? (And how to decide?)
👉 What's the biggest bottleneck that's making it hard work right now?
👉 How can I make it more consistent and less financially 'lumpy'?
👉 Exactly what do I need to do next?

We'll also be covering ...

✋ The trap of 'doing everything' and how even a one-person business can escape it
✋ How a 'survival' mindset is useful at the start, but is the greatest barrier to actually growing a successful business

As a bonus, I'll be giving you a special valuation and planning tool I use with my own clients,

With this you'll find out exactly how many offers and how many clients you'll need, what prices to charge, and what marketing activities you'll need so you can run your business rather than your business running you.

This workshop will be particularly useful for those who ...

✅ find themselves overwhelmed with never-ending to-do lists, and battling with the competing needs of 'delivering services' whilst also doing 'marketing & sales'
✅ feel like their work is more like a 'job' than a 'business'
✅ are familiar with the lumpy financial challenge of 'feast or famine'
I'll be showing the exact method I use to help my own clients go from overwhelm & uncertainty to simplicity, consistency & valuable businesses.

I'd love you to join us ...

For this Moulsford special, there is no charge.

I'll cover the content in an hour, and I'll stay in the Zoom room to answer questions specific to your own business and situation ...
so if you block out 90 mins in your diary that'd be better (rather than rushing off to another commitment ... which is easy to do when you prioritise busyness 😉)

This is going to be a fun session (I'm really looking forward to it!) ... and all being well, there's a good chance you'll see the future of your business in a new light, with much more opportunity, simplicity, low-stress and high value.

Register now, and I'll see you there!

Hi - I'm Chris Gardener

I help founder-led businesses simplify what they do so they grow revenue, gain control and release time. 

The build businesses that are easier and more fun to run. A business that works for you, rather than the other way around.

A business that's valuable so you can keep it or sell it. 

This training helps this happen for you too.

Because 'simpler' is often more effective.

Register below ...

Turn your existing 'job' into a valuable business
you can keep or sell 

A few soundbites ...

"This is a completely different way of thinking about my business - I'm buzzing with new possibilities!"

financial consultant

"It's given me a new and effective approach on how to take my services to clients and always have spare capacity."

design agency owner

"This has changed my perspective of my offer and my expertise."

business coach

"You, sir, are a bloody genius!"

marketing consultant