05th August 2019: Podcast Appearance on Each Generation Stronger

Back in June 2017 I recorded a podcast with Paul Deloughery. His show is called Each Generation Stronger, and its focus is to open people’s minds to creating a secure and empowering future for … well, the next generation.

He heard about my 3Fs message, and could see how the emphasis on Financial Security, Freedom and Fulfilment fitted perfectly his own beliefs.

We covered a wide range of topics during the course of the conversation, including dealing with illness, finding your voice, making deliberate choices and not following the crowd.

16th July 2019: Podcast Appearance with The Replaceable Founder - Ari Meisel 

I appeared as a guest on the Ari Meisel Less Doing podcast series in 2018, which covers everything surrounding tips for doing less, being more productive and having more freedom for yourself.

The podcast reaches a wide audience and teaches you to automate processes and strategies to become more efficient.

In the podcast I explain the path that led me to what I do today and how I got into being a business mentor and personal development coach.

26th Feb 2019: Stuck In Our Own Woods

Isn’t it much easier to solve other people’s problems than our own?

Have you heard the saying ‘You can’t see the wood for the trees’?

When we’re helping other people try to solve their problems, we can see their ‘wood’ but they can’t.

It is much harder to help ourselves in this way … because we’re in our own woods.

So how do we get out of our own woods and get our problems solved?

This is how ... 

21st Feb 2019: World Already Knows

How many times do you stop yourself from doing something, because you think you will be viewed in a certain way or you’ll be judged?

In reality … the world already knows that is how you are!

If this is affecting how you are coming across to your potential clients, it can really hold you back!

So get out of your own way … because everyone else already knows.

12th Feb 2019: Perfect Vs Experiment 

When you're putting something out to market, a social media post, or a new offer ... do you agonise over it?

Do you try and make it perfect?

When you're attached or concerned with an outcome, it's likely to hold you back.

Try the experimentation game and see if you can get more stuff done … 

7th Feb 2019: Redundancy Opportunity

When you find out someones been made redundant do you congratulate them?

Would you see redundancy as an opportunity?  

You should! 

The options open to us after a redundancy are endless ... 

5th Feb 2019: Identity Vs Goals

What if your identity was actually holding you back from reaching your goals?

We all have a way "we see ourselves" ... and we go to extraordinary lengths to keep that identity "safe".

It's time you reached those goals. 

Maybe it's time to check out how you really see yourself?

4th Feb 2019: You Are What You Believe 

What do you believe you can achieve? 

How do you perceive yourself? 

Every conscious action you take is the result of a DECISION.

And every decision will support your version of "who you are".

Could the way you view yourself be holding you back?

31st Jan 2019: Trying VS Committing 

In your business right now … are you trying, or are you committing?

There's a world of difference between "I'll try" and "I commit".

2019 could be extraordinary.

Not by trying.

By committing to it ...

29th Jan 2019: How To Make Your Testimonials More Useful 

Testimonials are a good thing, right?

Not always, no!

Let's face it, any testimonial is going to say positive things about "us" ... and the prospective clients know this!

So how do we make testimonials more useful?

28th Jan 2019: How Do You Describe What You Do? Fitting in Vs Being Distinct

How do you answer “What do you do…?”

Do you try and explain what you do in a way that they will understand "I'm a coach" or "I'm a designer".

Is this unique, or does it make you stand out?

Why would a client choose you over 'everyone else'. 

When you can do THIS … you will achieve what YOU want.

24th Jan 2019: Doing More is Not The Answer #MentorMoment 

Since when is "doing more" the answer to having too much to do?

When we want something, at first it's just an idea.

Then we set a goal and develop a plan.

However, often we do other things first - they seem urgent, they seem important.

Gradually, our plan to achieve that goal seems like too much to do.

At this point we think "if I really want this goal I'd work harder - maybe I just don't want it enough."

Yet … maybe there's an alternative approach, with a better outcome?

Maybe we're already doing too much work.

Maybe if we stopped trying to do everything we'd end up with more of what matters?

22nd Jan 2019: Diets Do Work ... It's the People That Don't #MentorMoment 

It seems to me that diets do work.

Every one of them.

Sure, they're not always good for you, and often are short term in their goals.

But they work.

Why don't people get results every time then?

Because it's the people who don't work, not the diet.

Same for business - the right strategy, the right method, the right model WILL work.

But people won't.

We can blame the model and look for new ones.

Or we can take responsibility and decide WE are the answer.

21st Jan 2019: How to Set Goals and Stick to Them

  • Have you set yourself goals for 2019?
  • Did you set goals in 2018?
  • And did you reach those goals?

If you didn’t, maybe it is time to think about this year in a DIFFERENT way.

Step 1: Make a list of the achievements you would love to make in 2019.

Step 2: Figure out which THREE of these goals matter the most. Which goals are your priority and inspire you?

Trying to work on too many goals is like trying to spin too many plates all at once. You just can’t do it.

Step 3: Break the annual goal down into quarters.

Step 4: Break down each quarterly goal into 3 monthly goals

Step 5: Break each month into weeks.

Every tiny bit of action you take, moves you another notch closer to reaching your goal.

17th Jan 2019: The Easier Way to Get New Clients #MentorMoment

Are you finding it difficult to get new clients …?

Maybe you think that to solve this, you need to get better at selling …?

When you look at it THIS way … you realise it is NOT the selling you need to look at.

14th Jan 2019: Stop Caring What Other People Think #MentorMoment

You CAN make progress faster AND get better results for your clients!

Do you find yourself caring too much about what other people think of you? Or what other people might think of your business?

We can all care too much about what other people think, about so many aspects of our lives.

BUT … true progress only begins when we start to care MORE about the results and LESS about what other people think!

14th Jan 2019: FOMO & Filters 

Do you feel like you might miss something if you don't scroll through your news feed every day? Or don't read ALL of your emails?

Are you finding this overwhelming ...?

2nd Jan 2019: Why Having a Goal Isn't Enough

Have you set yourself GOALS for 2019?

For some reason we don’t usually stick to the goals that we set.

Why is that …?

Having a vision is only part of the process – it is not enough to get you where you REALLY want to be.

The goal or the vision is NOT what is going to get you the results. It will provide you with a focus and motivation.

But what WILL make a difference?

Sometimes a life wake up call happens. Yet we don't NEED something external to trigger a change.

We all have the FREEDOM of CHOICE at any given point and time …

This time of year often breeds an air of reflection and in that reflection, all too often comes the wish for better, or for the hope of change in the year ahead …

… sound familiar?

Well, what if YOU could be the change you’re hoping for?

What if instead of the complexities of life forcing you into a change you could voluntarily CHOOSE to make that change YOURSELF?

All it takes is the COMMITMENT to choosing to make that change for the magic to REALLY happen.

21st Dec 2018: Do You Really Need to be Better than Your Competitors?

How often do you hear that in order to succeed in business you HAVE to be the best?

Of course, it’s instinctive to WANT to be the best. But, there is another way, a much simpler way, to have a thriving business …

It all stems from taking the time to understand YOUR target audience. To understand WHAT they want, WHAT they’ve tried before and WHY your perceived competition hasn’t been able to deliver …

Once YOU have this understanding, you have the tools to become meaningfully DIFFERENT to your competitors. And in the process become the ONLY rational choice for your target audience to choose in the future.

26 Sept 2018: How I Became a Business Coach

Ever wondered how I came to having my own business?

Where the 3Fs came from?

And why I do what I do?

Well, here it is ...

7 Sept 2018: Who does your business REALLY belong to?

You must have heard the saying 'The customer is always right'.

Well are they ...?

So many clients have had the experience of a nightmare client and succumbing to their needs.

But who does your business really belong to?

Take back control.

22 Aug 2018: Is your marketing message like the 'party bore'?

Have you ever been stuck at the party talking to the 'party bore' who only talks about themselves the whole time?

If you have.... you know how frustrating it can be.

But what is the opposite of the 'party bore', what makes someone interesting to talk to...?

Out of these two, who would your marketing message be?

Listen here to discover how you can make sure your marketing message is the interesting person and not the 'party bore'.

15 Aug 2018: Remember dial-up internet connections? Does YOUR offer suffer the same problem?

Remember the early days of the internet?

Remember the sound of dialling in?

And the thrill of connecting to the world-wide web?!!

Exciting times (although laughable compared to our experience today).

Even though it seemed thrilling at the time ... there was something we couldn't ignore.

Maybe you've got that same problem with your offer.

If you have ... it's likely it's making it harder to achieve your own financial security.

So listen here to discover how you can change your offer from dial-up to broadband.

Your clients will love you for it.

And so will your financial security.

2 Aug 2018: Choose Your Audience... Choose Your Future

In a previous podcast on 'The Antidote to Overwhelm', I spoke about the idea of The One Thing and focusing on something specific. 

Exactly the same principle can be applied to your entire market, your offer and who you’re trying to attract.

I am often asked 'how do I find new leads?'

When asked this question, I know that they are thinking they have a marketing problem.

When in fact, it is not a marketing problem.

Listen here to discover what it may be that you CAN change to be able to select the clients you work with.

If you can select your clients... you are defining your future.

31 July 2018: The Antidote to Overwhelm

Do you feel overwhelmed by what you need to do to improve your business? 

Like your to do list is never ending and you don't know where to start?

You can overcome this by asking yourself ONE question. 

By asking yourself this question, you can decide what to focus on.

You will be able to focus on what will really make a difference to your business.

Listen here to discover how to be less overwhelmed and be more focused.

25 July 2018: Do You Have to Take Risks to Succeed?

When you are posed with a choice which could be risky to take in your business, the question 'should I take this risk?' is one dimensional.

This question should be looked at in a two dimensional way so that you can make an informed decision. 

Listen here to discover what two questions you need to ask yourself.

24 July 2018: The 1% Principle

Clients who have started using this basic maths principle have seen extraordinary growth in their business. 

You may think that you are not interested in maths....

But by using this simple principle you can become 37 times more efficient. 

Listen here to find what the principle is that can create astounding results.

Or read the blog post to see the principle itself.