Master Mentor – Chris Gardener

A mentor: someone who guides you to achieve more than is possible on your own 

Since when is ‘doing more’ the answer to having too much to do?

From cosmology to chartered accountancy, Chris’s studies delved into the complex. But at the heart of any problem, there’s simplicity in solution or explanation.

Following a “successful”, traditional career path, and a 28 year relationship, Chris was widowed in his mid-40s.

When faced with a wake-up call like this, you realise what is really important: 

Love. Life. Being a contribution.

Business matters, but not for its own sake. 

Business should provide a life that matters.

From this experience and insight, Chris developed the 3Fs philosophy.

He’s bought and sold businesses, set up and continues to run others … all designed to create a life worth living.

No one who’s achieved anything significant has ever done so alone … there’s always a coach or mentor behind the scenes.

The same is true for Chris, who’s worked with world class coaches and mentors over the years.

As a professional mentor, he’s been behind some noteworthy developments.

In all the following examples, Chris was their mentor....

There’s only one solution to the problem of having ups & downs and insecure financial performance
… Find The Mentor

An architect was having major problems securing enough new clients. Once she’d joined a mentoring program, she closed more business in four months than she’d done in the previous 18 months. She found her mentor.

When owners of an internet providing company that had just lost £200k wanted to turn their company round, they chose one mentor, who diagnosed the problem, mentored them through the next three years, and they sold the company for over £5m. They found their mentor.

When a couple running a marketing agency had been flatlining at around £200k per year they hired the one mentor they trusted to support them the way THEY needed it. 

Sales grew to £300k in one year, and they’re on track to get to over £700k in the next year. They found their mentor.

When one woman wanted to change to be a professional therapist rather than making her living in a corporate career she hired the one mentor who she trusted to guide her. After FOUR MONTHS she had achieved her financial security. She found her mentor.

When a business coach in a small niche was struggling to earn more than £30k per year she hired the mentor who showed and guided her where she was missing a trick. Her next year’s income was just under £100k. She found her mentor.

When one guy with a previously successful recruitment business, realised his business was now declining, his marriage and his sense of self-confidence were in serious jeopardy, he hired the mentor who he trusted to work on all life aspects.

His business bounced back, he was re-energised and addressed what really mattered in the relationship. He found his mentor.

When the owner of a banking consultancy couldn’t work out why he wasn’t making enough profit he hired the mentor with the financial pedigree to diagnose and guide through the problem. He turned a 20% margin into a 56% margin, adding over £300k to the bottom line. He found his mentor.

When a marketing consultant was so stressed she hadn’t closed a new client in over a year and her relationship with her partner was on the rocks she hired the mentor she trusted with her business and her life.

Within 3 months she’d won the biggest deal of her life, and she said her relationship was “saved”. She found her mentor.

When a photographer was fed up with the usual wedding and portrait work and sick of finding so many new clients every month she turned to the mentor who would help her turn things in a different direction. She created a unique business, raving client fans and makes a huge impact in their lives, all while achieving financial security. She found her mentor.

When a new coach was stuck with her offer and how to approach her market, she hired the mentor who would help her crack both these problems. Within four months she’d closed her very first £15k of business, and could repeat this as often as she wanted. She found THE mentor.

When a husband & wife team of Personal Trainers wanted to transform their business beyond just about making ends meet, they hired the mentor who had the reputation and experience to guide them. They went from 100 to over 500 clients, each attracted by the promise and method the reinvigorated PT business now offered. They found THE mentor.

When a web designer wanted to build his business beyond “just himself” he hired the mentor he trusted to take things at the pace HE was comfortable with. Step-by-step, piece-by-piece he took the business from the first new employee to 15 professional staff, profitably and securely. He’d found THE mentor.

When the owner of a training company wanted to earn more without delivering more hours in the classroom, she hired the one mentor who she’d already seen had a track record of making businesses easier. She learned how she could create one new package, which was easy to do, and create an additional £3k - £5k per month from her existing clients, for no additional time. In other words, essentially free income every month. She'd found THE mentor.

relationship coach was finding it easier to sell his business coaching service, yet he really wanted to specialise in the personal work. He was recommended the mentor who’d transformed one of his friends’ businesses.  Within six months he’d FILLED his coaching practice with exactly the work that inspired him. He’d found THE mentor.

When business consultant realised he was working longer and longer hours to help his clients become valuable, to the extent he couldn’t take on more clients and wasn’t practising his own advice, he hired a mentor who he could see had already cracked this code. 

Within 8 months he’d designed a new structure, a clear offer and was making more per hour than he ever had in his career. He’d found THE mentor.

When the owner of a social media agency was struggling turn their business into a cash generating machine he hired the mentor who he trusted to guide him.

Within 9 months he’d changed his client-focus with a massively compelling offer which he could teach others to deliver, so profits and cash became predictable and reliable every month. He’d found THE mentor.

All these, and many more found the mentor with the background, the experience, the method and the skills to guide them exactly where they needed.

In each and every case, Chris was the mentor.

To expand the number of people he can mentor, Chris has developed specific programs to help all business owners achieve all 3Fs in their own businesses and lives.