As you arrived here from Mentorsme we appreciate you’re looking for help with your business.

Here at Strategic Mentors we see a common theme from Mentorsme requests.

We hear from people who are busy. They want to get bigger but they’re struggling to get there.

We have a term for this: the Busyness Delusion.

We approach is based on the idea that everyone who’s running a business wants the same thing.

The same three things actually, that we call the 3Fs:

Financial security (otherwise you’re just busy)

Freedom (otherwise you’d get a job)

Fulfilment (which gives meaning to the work you do).

The trouble is, the Busyness Delusion acts like a trap that makes the 3Fs elusive.

Actually there’s a sequence to the 3Fs:

The first F is Financial Security. If you haven’t got that, then you can’t have Freedom.

In our experience, as you’ve landed here from Mentorsme there’s a good chance that you haven’t yet reached the 1st F, and you’re stuck in the Busyness Delusion.

If that sounds like you, then we can help – that’s our speciality.

Please call us on 01993 771728 and we’ll set up a time to speak.

Or even easier, just schedule a call here:

We look forward to hearing from you.