September 22, 2017

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“I can’t.”

“I’ll never be able to do that.”

“That’s unrealistic.”

Which of these statements is true?

None of them.

Yet all of them.

And it’s entirely your own choice.

There’s a video on my FB page where I explain the idea that “the purpose of a business is not to keep you busy . . . it’s to be a vehicle that gives you a life … a life of Financial security, Freedom and Fulfilment.

The 3Fs.

Someone (a stranger) commented “this is rubbish! You can’t be free. Financial security is a myth.”

Sadly . . . they’re right.

Fortunately . . . they’re only right for THEMSELVES.

There’s more evidence than we need to demonstrate that Financial security is TOTALLY possible . . . in fact it’s WAY easier to achieve than many people realise.

Easier than they BELIEVE.

Yes, they’re probably missing important KNOWLEDGE that makes it possible.

Yet until they believe it IS possible . . . They’ll NEVER seek or gain that knowledge.

You’ve probably heard the saying “be careful for what you wish for, as you might just get it.”

Let’s bend it . . . “Be careful for what you BELIEVE . . . as it will shape your entire life.”

Do YOUR beliefs help you? Do they serve you?

What BETTER beliefs are possible . . . what evidence could you LOOK FOR to support those better beliefs? What do you “wish” was possible . . . and don’t believe it yet?

It’s pretty important . . . these thoughts, these beliefs shape your ENTIRE life.

Or so I believe ?


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