November 10, 2017
What does Freedom REALLY mean?
I find a useful distinction is between:
freedom FROM
freedom TO.
For most, “freedom from” is the first “want” (conscious or unconscious) . . . freedom from working for a company, boss, hours, commute.
It’s often part of someone’s reason for starting a business.
It’s a “move AWAY FROM” motivation.
With success comes the desire of “freedom to”…
. . . choose who to spend time with
. . . choose where you want to be
. . . choose how to spend your time
. . . live on your own terms following your own desires
. . . create any income you choose.
It’s a “move TOWARDS” motivation.
I describe these as 5 freedoms, all “freedom to” and all based on having FREE CHOICE:
– relationships
– location
– time
– purpose
– money
Or, more memorably, the freedoms of:
who, where, when, why and how.
If you have ANY constraints in any of these 5 freedoms, there’s more freedom available.
Many people have commented on my FB videos where I’ve invited their views on whether they have the 3Fs of Financial security, Freedom and Fulfilment.
The majority view seems to be “I have freedom and fulfilment but not financial security.”
When you don’t yet have financial security . . . you cannot be experiencing the 5 Freedoms.
“I can choose not to work tomorrow” is NOT a freedom when the reason is not having enough work.
Do you have all 5 Freedoms?
If not . . . what’s missing?

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