November 1, 2017

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==== ON GOING FOR IT ====

“When I bring moon rocks back to Earth I’ll take over the whole diamond industry.”

I’ve just been listening to a podcast interview with Naveen Jain, one of the most extraordinary humans you could ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Here’s what he says about diamonds:

Until the 1950s diamonds didn’t represent what they do today. Then De Beers created the marketing campaign which sold the idea that a diamond is a symbol of love.

De Beers has a 100% market share for diamonds.

Naveen asks “If you were an entrepreneur, wanting to break into that market, how would you do it?”

Tall order!

His answer . . . “completely change the story.”

One of his companies will be going to the moon and (amongst other things) will be bringing back moon rocks.

How’s this for a marketing campaign? . . .

“Why give her diamonds when you can give her THE MOON?”

. . . I’ll leave you to recognise that genius for a moment . . .




OK . . . what does this have to do with OUR “normal” world?

We don’t all think like Naveen.

True . . . we DON’T all think like Naveen . . .

. . . which is different from we CAN’T think like him.
True . . . he’s made a fortune from internet start-ups in the past. This makes it easier for him to have access to resources . . . which means he’s more likely to ACT on his thinking.

However there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people who can ACCESS to all the resources they need . . .

. . . they just don’t NEED those resources.

Why not?

Because they don’t THINK like Naveen.

What makes his thinking different? . . .

His ENERGY . . . his FASCINATION . . . his BELIEFS.

All three fuel the way he thinks.

And that thinking fuels what he DECIDES.

Once he’s decided . . . he commits.

I can do exactly the same.

YOU . . . can do exactly the same.

Our thinking is UNLIMITED in scope.

I’ve had many people comment on my “3Fs” videos . . .

. . . “Financial Security is a myth! It’s not just not practical in the real world.”

You think so?

Well . . . your thinking has just created your own reality . . . and until those thoughts and beliefs change, nothing else can help.

You’ll discover you were right.

You think “having financial security” is a massive challenge?

You just created the scale of your possibility.

But oh! . . .

. . . you think Financial Security is “totally possible, I just haven’t learned the skill yet”? . . .

. . . Your world just grew . . . measurably.

How you THINK . . .

. . . what you think ABOUT . . .

. . . and what you BELIEVE . . .

. . . are the keys to YOUR future.

And those keys are right there . . . held out towards you in the open palm of that guy over there.

You can’t see his face just yet . . . because you’re still standing back.

When you step towards him . . . you’ll see his face.

When you step towards him . . . you can take the keys from his open palm.

They were your keys all along.

You just needed the confidence . . . the “permission”? . . . to pick them up.

And with those keys in your own hands . . . now all you need is the conviction to OPEN THAT DOOR.


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