October 28, 2017
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==== ON IDENTITY ====

“I have no skills useful for earning money.” 

This was a comment in a FB group from someone who claimed they wanted to become a millionaire . . . and yet were experiencing the depths of despair.

The good news for them is they are delusional . . . of course they have skills useful for gaining an income!

Yet that good news comes wrapped in bad news . . . they have to BELIEVE it before ANYTHING can happen.

Their problem is their identity.

The way they see themselves.

Two problems actually . . . how they see themselves “now”, and how they see themselves “when they’ve made it”.

They feel they WANT to be a millionaire . . . and yet don’t see themselves that way.

They have a broken identity.

As long as it’s broken they’ll stay in limbo.

Importantly, then . . . how can they repair it?

Firstly . . . forget about becoming a millionaire!

Not because it’s impossible for them . . . it isn’t!

Forget it because they have NO REASON to be a millionaire.

They BELIEVE that “being a millionaire” will make them happy.

Make them worthy.

Make them significant.

Sadly, it won’t.

It has nothing to do with the money. It’s entirely to do with how they SEE THEMSELVES.

I’ve helped 16 people so far become millionaires . . . and here’s what I experienced:

. . . those who were confident in themselves . . . STAYED confident in themselves;

. . . those who believed the money would change their lives . . . didn’t stay millionaires for long.

The money made NO difference to how they feel about themselves. It felt good in the short term, but wasn’t the cure to their root problem.

Their sense of identity.

When we have a clear and strong sense of our own identity . . . when we know our values, our beliefs, what we stand for . . . we become a force with momentum.

We recognise life is wonderful and precious . . . now AND in the future.

Yet when we DON’T have a clear and strong identity . . . EVERYTHING is harder, takes more effort, is less certain . . . and emotionally draining.

When you have doubt about your own identity . . . you get stuck in comparisons: he has more money than me; she is a better parent than me.

Comparisons is a game that is UNWINNABLE.

It’s a game played exclusively by the insecure.

When your identity is rock solid . . . when you know your values, your beliefs and what you stand for . . . you’re playing a game you CANNOT LOSE.

It all starts with identity.

Which is DEEP work.

Rarely done . . . yet life changing.

Your values.

Your beliefs.

What you stand for.

Know them . . . and the effect in life is transformational.

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