September 4, 2017
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==== ON LEARNING ====

“Yes . . . I know that.”

“Yes . . . I’ve tried that.”

“Yes . . . I’ve heard that before.” 

When you hear someone (or yourself) saying this . . . you know that learning has stopped.

The human brain has been put on pause.

The mammalian brain has just kicked in and wants to be recognised. Wants to feel significant. Wants to prove itself.

And when that happens . . . nothing happens.

Learning NEEDS a brain that’s open to explore, to try things out, to question.

To find its own understanding.

Learning is a skill. We’ve all developed it to a greater or lesser extent.

A skill which DIRECTLY affects our life . . . our relationships, our health, our work, our finances.

When we stop learning . . . we diminish.

When we CHOOSE learning . . . we can thrive.

“I know this” . . . can crush learning.

Which has a MASSIVE impact . . . which is hidden in the moment.

The price for “knowing” rather than “learning” in the moment is VERY long term.

But you already knew that, right ?

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