July 30, 2017
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I’ve just spent 90 minutes on Skype – the video part is important for this story . . .

They’d heard about me, and about the results my clients are getting from a program I run. 

They’d heard other people talking about “this amazing program”.

They asked if we could speak. That was the Skype call just now.

They’re suffering from the problem that I can TOTALLY fix . . . they don’t yet have Financial security in their business . . . they don’t yet have the reliable, dependable, growing income EVERY MONTH. It impacts almost every aspect of their business and personal life.

They asked a TON of questions about the program I offer . . . and they WANT to join.

“I’d like to think about it now . . . “

This is a very common response . . . and it’s perfectly OK . . . people need to be READY.

I made it clear (as I always do) . . . there is ZERO pressure to say “yes”.

I am completely OK with a “no” decision . . . I know the program will change their world . . . but I have no attachment to their yes or no.

Yet there IS a pressure . . . the pressure to Make A Decision.

And this person is paralysed.


The Skype video revealed everything.

They WANT to join . . . they asked ALL the questions they need to make a decision.

Their BODY was in turmoil. There was a tangible internal battle going on.

They asked for time to ‘think about it”. This is a very common response and is absolutely OK . . . people need to feel ready.

At this point I ask WHEN they believe they will have made their decision . . . because “thinking about it” might FEEL like something’s happening . . . but in reality it’s just another mental burden they’re lugging around.

Usually the answer is “by tonight” . . . sometimes “by tomorrow lunchtime”.

This was different.

“By next Tuesday”.

Today is Wednesday . . . they feel they need a WHOLE WEEK to make this decision. A decision that others make on the spot, or in at most 24 hours.

You know what their decision will be don’t you? . . . just as well as I do.

They’ll most likely stay stuck.

Which is a shame, don’t you think?

In the unlikely event that they decide “I’m in” (and I hope, for their sake, they DO) it’s clear they need a LOT of help.

Not only in knowledge or skills (because they DO need a lot of help with those) . . . but most significantly in their own beliefs about WHO THEY ARE.

To have the Financial Security in business they’ll need to make decisions.

And they’ll need to get GOOD at making decisions.

Until they do . . . until they BECOME the person they WANT to be . . . in this case, financially secure . . . they will stay stuck.

To make these kinds of decisions you need to BECOME the person on the OTHER SIDE of that decision.

When you are THAT person . . . things move pretty quickly.

Until you do . . . things don’t really move at all.

How comfortable are YOU with making decisions?

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