October 4, 2017

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I’ve just spend the weekend in a business “mastermind” in Latvia. The aim of events such as these is to share, learn and keep updated as to what continues to make businesses thrive.

Members of this group have thriving businesses already . . . yet they’re focused on growing them further. They’re not resting on laurels.

They share the love of the “game of business”.

In a group such as this the expectation is “I can learn more, do more, enjoy more.”

Already high achievers, there is a complete lack of “look at me, I’m awesome”.

Instead there’s a huge demonstration of “oh wow . . . YOU’RE awesome, and that’s a GREAT approach . . . share that with me how you’ve done that . . . and I’ll do it too.”

If anyone could be arrogant about their success, it would be those sitting around that table.

Instead, there’s the desire, the motivation and the JOY of sharing what’s working, getting guidance on where things would be improved and knowing that there’s always someone who’s done something smarter.

Arrogance shuts down learning.

It defends the status quo.

It’s an early sign of dying.

It’s losing the game.

Growth, on the other hand, takes courage.

It takes confidence . . . to not need to “prove yourself”.

It takes openness . . . to share weaknesses, gaps in knowledge, uncertainties.

“Winning” does not require someone else to “lose”.

In a group such as this “winning” actually requires OTHERS to “win” alongside you. That’s why they’ll share their wisdom and their inspiration.

Business IS just a game.

It’s a game that has a massive impact, of course.

But it’s still a game.

Who’s on YOUR team?


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