October 18, 2017

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==== ON SAFETY ====

Your brain has one primary job above all others . . . to keep you ALIVE.

It does that by “protecting” you from what it perceives might hurt you.

Sometimes that hurt might be physical.

More often that hurt might be emotional.

The brain is EXPERT at protecting you from emotional pain.


By triggering the FEAR response.

By making you ALERT to what MIGHT happen.

The impact of this is . . . inaction . . . slower progress . . . remaining comfortable.

This “feels right” in the short term.

It CRIPPLES progress in the longer term.

“Growth” is one of our fundamental human needs.

Yet it takes courage.

Courage doesn’t feel like “I’m invincible – let’s go!”

Courage feels like “this could go horribly wrong and I’m terrified!”

When you can find the courage to ACT . . . then (and only then) growth happens.

Here’s a question for you: what action are you WORRIED about, in case it doesn’t turn out like you hope?

Here’s an invitation for you: be courageous . . . take that action . . . TODAY.

Would you accept this invitation?

If so . . . please comment what you’ll do, and follow up with what happened . . . and how this made you FEEL.

Would you like to play?


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