==== ON SPEED ====

“Money loves velocity.”

“Get rich quick.”

“Don’t just sit there – do something!”

The world is a frantic place right now. Everyone seems to be rushing.

Getting from A to B as quickly as possible.



Being busy.

If I may ask a simple question at this point . . .

. . . WHY THE RUSH?!

Usually, people who start working with me have been trying to reach their goals quickly . . . and they’ve been trying for a LONG TIME.

Curious, when you think about it.

They’ve tried “fast” for a very long time.

Speed is exciting, of course.



Yet FORCING speed . . . doesn’t seem to be working . . . at least in my students’ and clients’ experience.

Does this mean we need to go SLOW then?

Not at all.

The opposite of “fast” doesn’t have to be “slow”.

I prefer “smooth”.

When your progress is SMOOTH . . . it continues to be, well . . . PROGRESS.

The flaw in the “fast”mentality is it becomes a series of sprints.

Disconnected sprints.

Sprints for the sake of speed.

Much easier is . . . smooth.

Much more effective.

Way more achievable.

Massively easier to be consistent.

However you define success . . . health, relationships, financial, where you live, where you travel, how you contribute . . . any definition that works for you . . .

. . . want to know the secret to having and being “successful” long term?


Not speed.


It’s hard to be consistent . . . at speed.

Ask any musician, athlete or teacher.

Ask any driver, nurse or parent.

As anyone . . . human!

Speed is the enemy of consistency.

And consistency is the secret to success.

Why, then, do we glorify speed?

Because it’s sexy.

It creates chaos.

And chaos is newsworthy . . . we can gossip about it . . . it creates conversations.

Consistency . . . not so much.

Consistency looks . . . unexciting.

Consistency looks . . . dull.

Which means it gets overlooked.

Ultimately, we have a choice to make . . . a life of short-term noteworthiness, repeated ups and downs and long-term mediocrity . . .

. . . or a life of connected relationships, financial security, the ability to do what you want, when and where you want, in vibrant health, making ever increasing contributions?

It is all possible . . . not with speed . . . with consistency.