October 26, 2017

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“I’m getting results . . . but I’m bored with the process.”

Yes, really . . . this is what I heard from someone recently.

From the “outside” the natural reply is obvious … “tough … it’s working: just keep sticking with it.”

It doesn’t answer the “inside cry” though. 

Even though their action IS working, even though they’re creating leads into their business . . .

. . . they’re tempted to change.

They’re tracking results. They KNOW what’s working.

And they’re tempted to change.

What’s happening here? What’s happening “inside”?

The problem is . . . we’re HUMAN.

And as humans, we have six fundamental NEEDS.

One of those is . . . VARIETY.

Think about it . . . if we did the SAME tasks, if we ate the SAME food, if we went to the SAME places . . . day after day after day . . .

. . . Groundhog day, if you like . . .

. . . we’d feel . . . BORED.

Wouldn’t we?

So variety IS important.


However, when things ARE working in your business . . . when you’re producing CONSISTENT RESULTS . . . the WORST thing you can do is stop . . . especially stopping “because you’re a bit fed up”!

What options available then?

(a) Keep doing it . . . by automating it.
(b) Keep doing it . . . by getting someone else to do it for you.
(c) Keep doing it . . . yourself.

In that order.

Keep sticking with it.

It helps to be aware of the frailty of being human.


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