November 3, 2017
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==== ON TACTICS ====

“I’ve spent thousands on courses, funnels, autoresponders, lead pages, tripwires, websites, Facebook advertising . . . and have had no results from them.”

This was blurted out in frustration by a someone who asked to meet me because they needed help and experience.”

“Sure, you’ve tried a lot of things . . . what are you offering and what’s your message in those ads?” I asked.

“Erm . . . “

What followed was a description of all-the-kinds-of-ways-I-can-help-all-sorts-of-different-kinds-of-people.

It was confused and rambling.

The reason they had no results is because they’d focused on TACTICS.

While tactics matter they WILL NOT make you successful.

You need clarity.

You need certainty.

Clarity about your audience . . . what are their deepest, darkest fears, their secret dreams and aspirations.

Certainty about your offer . . . what it is, who it serves, what they get, how it serves YOU.

Not because “you’ve gotta define your avatar”.

Rather, without this deep understanding . . . you will not . . . you CANNOT . . . connect with them in the way that makes the difference.

Without such understanding and insight . . . you probably won’t have the “right” offer for them.

Without those in place . . . you’ll find it hard and frustrating trying to PERSUADE them.

Having such deep insight, having the spot-on offer, being able to connect it to their wants . . .  are PRINCIPLES.

Principles . . . never change.

Tactics . . . come and go.

Principles . . . are what will create your success.

Tactics . . . if you’re not careful, will distract you.

They’ll seduce you into the Busyness Delusion.

Which feels goooood . . . but will kill you.


So . . . when you’re asking questions like “which CRM should I use?”, or “where should I advertise?” . . .

. . . catch yourself.

Check whether you have your PRINCIPLES in place . . . because NO tactical question or answer will make a meaningful difference until you do.

Oh, and the person I met today?

He understood.

He’s annoyed that he’s just wasted three years being so busy without results.

He can see how easy everything is . . . once you’ve got the principles in place.

He decided to join the Financial Security Program.

His next 12 months have just changed shape entirely.

Within 6 – 12 months he WILL go from “no results” to “monthly financial security”.

Because he’ll be guided.

Because it’s easy . . . when you get the few key principles in place.

When you stop fretting over tactics.

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