October 24, 2017
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“It’s easy to make money . . . find a hungry crowd, then sell them the food they want.” 

Commonly offered advice. And potentially disempowering.

What if you have NO INTEREST in food?

What if that crowd isn’t “your kind of people”?

Yes . . . it IS easy to earn money . . . and BECAUSE it’s easy, we might as well do something that is OUR TRUTH.

Something that fuels OUR hearts.

Something that stimulates OUR minds.

Something that moves us to OUR 3Fs.

If we’re going to create a business . . . it’s going to be a BIG part of our life . . . it’s a fool’s option to choose something **just because the money’s easy**

“Find a hungry crowd and feed them” . . .

“Choose your avatar” . . .

“Identify your ideal client” . . .

All POTENTIALLY good advice . . . as long as . . .

. . . serving them is aligned with YOUR OWN TRUTH.

When we choose wisely, business . . . and life . . . is very special.

When we chase the money . . . we give away our selves . . . and life becomes a drain.

Start with YOU . . . not with “how do I earn money?”

You’ll have more energy, more commitment . . . more success . . . and you’ll stay on track to your 3Fs.

About the Author Chris

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