Our Purpose

Where there's a why there's a mission

There are more businesses today than at any time in history. The entrepreneurial spirit is thriving. 

Being in control of your own destiny gives the opportunity for a level of income and freedom difficult to match in employment. 

And yet …

… the daily experience for self-employed is too often one of financial ups and downs and being tied to client commitments, bogged down in hamster wheel busyness – the very opposite of the entrepreneur dream!

Our aim is to solve that problem, to transform the self-employed experience permanently.

We do this by teaching the simple and incredibly effective principles which, when used in practice, reveal the easier possible way a business can work. 

Our own foundation

And with out clients creating 3Fs lives for themselves, we get to create the same opportunities for those without the resources or facilities to start on their own. We do this through our foundation, Gift of a Future.

We provide access to education for girls in Uganda, through our project Gift of a Future. Families lack the resources to send their children to school.

We can help.

Entrepreneurs – independent thinkers prepared to take action – are the best placed people to contribute to a better world. 

It’s inspiring and hugely rewarding to see the impact as people gain financial security and freedom. And as our clients and ourselves contribute further, those 3Fs multiply ever outwards, around the planet.

Our mission: to educate specialists to use their business to create a 3Fs life for themselves and be a contribution in their world.