There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you have a great product, and yet no one is buying.

In your mind, it’s obvious. You recognised that your target customer has a problem. You’ve created something fantastic that will make life easier for that person. You’ve probably spent extra time and thought designing every aspect so that your product isn’t just good, it’s perfect.

So why aren’t they buying?

Identify the problem

Marketing your product isn’t working. Worse, it might be costing more money with very little return. Despite your best pitch, you’re not getting much interest. What can you do?

Let’s start by taking a step back. Consider exactly what you are selling.

Are you talking about your product? It sounds logical. You’ve created something, and now you are telling your audience that it exists. Imagine that you’re standing on a market stall, shouting, “Hey, look what I made”. People are busy. They’re passing you by.

What you haven’t done is told them why they need it.

What problem does your product solve? Remember that people don’t really like being sold to. Timing matters. Your audience is in a position where they need your product now. The time is right. You have to be clear on exactly what that need is.

So, reassess your pitch. Identify what the customers problem is. Then you can explain how your product can solve it for them.

targeted sales

Be specific for targeted sales

When you’re buying something yourself, you want to know what it can do. No one ever bought a car on the basis that it goes ‘quite fast’ with ‘okay miles to the gallon.’ You want the details. How fast, and how far? Talking in general terms might create some interest in a new product, but not a lot of desire.

Be specific about your product. What can it do, and how will it help your buyer? Not only will it make it clearer why they need your product, it will also show your confidence in what you have created. By being more specific, you’ll get higher conversions.

The problem isn’t you; it’s them

You know you have a great product. You know it will help your customer. The problem is them – they just aren’t seeing why they need it.

So, change how you’re talking about it. Make it easy for your customer to understand what you have, and why their life will be better with it. Be specific. Show your audience that your solution is relevant and desirable.

Your conversions will take off.

If you want to speed up your conversions and stop spending your valuable time pitching, get in touch.

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