Recently I appeared as a guest on the Ari Meisel Less Doing podcast series, which covers everything surrounding tips for doing less, being more productive and having more freedom for yourself.

The podcast reaches a wide audience and teaches you to automate processes and strategies to become more efficient.

In the podcast I explain the path that led me to what I do today and how I got into being a business mentor and personal development coach.

As a business owner, do you find yourself being asked “how’s it all going, are you busy?”. This seems to be such a common question and since when did being busy mean success?

If the purpose of your business is not to just keep you busy, then what is the purpose of your business? This question is almost always met with silence followed by a list of negative reasons as to what you don’t want.

I help people to answer the question with my theory of the 3F’s which explains the reasons as to why you have your own business.

Listen to this podcast to find out more on the 3F’s and my top pieces of advice to be more effective and to be ‘less busy’.

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