Back in June I recorded a podcast with Paul Deloughery. His show is called Each Generation Stronger, and its focus is to open people’s minds to creating a secure and empowering future for … well, the next generation.

He heard about my 3Fs message, and could see how the emphasis on Financial Security, Freedom and Fulfilment fitted perfectly his own beliefs.

We covered a wide range of topics during the course of the conversation, including dealing with illness, finding your voice, making deliberate choices and not following the crowd.

It all boils down to “use your noggin!”


Actively think.

We even covered the work of Gift of a Future, which is Strategic Mentors’ sister charity. Helping girls in poverty to escape that situation starts with the ability to think.

It’s a broad conversation.

One I think is important.

If you can spare 45 minutes to listen, I hope you find it insightful and helpful.
And if you haven’t got a full 45 minutes, I invite you to dip in & out of it as you see fit.

Here’s the link.

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