“I’ve just worked out that for the hours I work, I’m actually earning less than I’d earn as a waitress, before tips!”

This was how our conversation started.

Sam had been running her business for 11 years, and had just come to this painful conclusion. She was simply working too hard for too little reward.

In the early years she’d been full of optimism, of course – every new client she won felt like a small victory, and a confirmation that she was “worth it”.

Yet 11 years later, she was still on the hamster wheel. Worse, when she did the hourly rate calculation, she was seriously doubting whether she was “worth it” any more.

The good news for Sam was that in 6 months she was in a very different situation – her business now had regular income, far less chasing for new clients, and, because now she was working fewer hours, she realised she was earning more per hour than she’d ever achieved in her life.

How did she change?

By getting out of her own way.

For as long as she could remember, Sam loved reading books and going to seminars, to learn the benefits of thinking positively.

It made so much sense to her – if you think positively you’re more likely achieve more.

However, as she experienced, it didn’t make the difference.

I’m not saying positive thinking is bad … it’s surely a better way to live life than by being negative and miserable. Yet look at Sam’s evidence: thinking positively wasn’t helping her income.

And without financial security (enough income) Sam’s life was the hamster wheel chasing the next client.

When Sam saw the evidence, she was open to trying a different approach. I LOVE working with people who COMMIT to their own future.

Sam joined our Financial Security Program, and admitted from the outset that she had no idea where the program was going, or how it would work.

And so … she just completely trusted the process and committed to doing the work and following the process.

THIS is how Sam created her own financial security in just 6 months.

Positive thinking doesn’t solve the problem. Nor does being a “good person”.

A system is the answer. An effective system, designed to produce the result you’re looking for.

Not only the right system, but the commitment to follow that system.

Of course, you’ve got to be confident the system IS a good one. How do you know?

From results. Always look to results.

If a system has produced the results you want time and time again … then committing to the system is likely to work for you too.

Sam’s system for the previous 11 years was a combination of hard work, being likeable, and reaching out to potential clients in an ad hoc way.

Within 6 months, she’d not only learned and implemented a new system, she’d MASTERED it. Now she will have financial security each month whether or not she wins new clients each month.

Of course, she IS winning new clients each month because her new system works for that too.

Now, I’m not sure about your own situation, but have you thought about your own system? Is it giving you financial security each month? Is it causing you to work more to earn more?

If not, would you be open to seeing a different system, and seeing the results it gets?

If you would, please do get in touch or follow this link and I’ll gladly show you how it works.

The beauty of having your system work is that it doesn’t depend on YOU … it just needs you to commit to it, and put it in place. Which is MUCH easier than years of hard work!

Whenever you’re ready, just get in touch and I’ll show you how Sam (and many others) used it to their advantage.

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