“You know that quiet woman? Well maybe you don’t know her after all …”

It wasn’t until the evening that someone made my day yesterday.

I was speaking on the subject of “pricing” at an event for freelancers and independent consultants. There was much discussion (and frustration) about the subject of “day rates”.

I was sharing the (controversial?) truth that “day rates” don’t build a business, they’re just a “job displacement”.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting self-employment to be a job replacement. My encouragement is to make this a deliberate decision, not an assumption of “this is how it must be.”

When we stop relying on day rates (with much competition) and use a different approach (with no competition), life, business and money all become significantly more secure.

I’ve been mentoring and teaching people how to do this for years now.

As it happened, one of my mentees was in the audience. She’s an AMAZING woman. To the outside world she’s quiet and reserved. She doesn’t push herself forward, doesn’t dominate conversations.

What the world doesn’t see is her determination and commitment. She wants to provide for her family.

Two years ago she made the brave decision to change her career, take control of her own destiny and learn a new discipline.

When she started working with me she was just launching her new business. She had a particular financial target in mind – how much she needed to earn to cover everything and have no financial stress. She wanted financial peace.

She joined my mentor program, and quietly got on with the work. She didn’t ask for much help, didn’t seek reassurance, just got stuck in.

In truth, (from my perspective) she went quiet on me. When I offered personal support, she didn’t need it, she was fine following the program.

Roll the clock forward to today. She now works with people she respects. She’s made one sector her own, and she’s inspired to support people who work in it.

And yesterday evening she made my day.

She came up to me afterwards with a big smile. “Chris, you know that financial target I had when we started? I’m now getting THREE TIMES that level EVERY month.”

How fantastic is that?!

We hugged. She couldn’t stop grinning.

Reaching Financial Security

She’d found financial security. And, perhaps more importantly, she’d found her new self. She’s providing for her family – and more. She’s comfortable, motivated, and has a grounded realisation that THIS IS WHO SHE IS.

Her rewards are WAY more than money.

And in some ways, we’ve only just started. Her future is SO bright.

Before the event, yesterday had been a good day. And then this wonderful woman made it complete.

Doesn’t it make your heart sing when you can contribute to making people’s lives that little bit better?

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