The Busyness Delusion

The Book:
Less Busyness, More 3Fs Lifestyle

"How's work? ... Busy?"

Since when did "busy" come to mean successful?

"Being busy" probably isn't the reason you started working for yourself ... is it?

Wasn't it the very opposite?! ... to have more freedom?

So how did we get here - so busy?

And more importantly ... how do we get out of this busyness delusion?!

The Story

The Busyness Delusion was published in 2018 and quickly became a bestseller (outselling Richard Branson and Elon Musk for a while!)

Written as a story, it follows Simon, who's been making a living from his services for a few years. As price pressure in his industry grows, he's working longer and longer hours to make ends meet. This is affecting the home relationships he holds most dear.

Through conversations with his mentor, Frank, he learns why he's stuck in the busyness delusion, and he's shown a way out.

The journey is not just about his business - Simon needs to change too.

The challenges he faces will be familiar to many self-employed. The lessons he gets on the way will help many more.

Business matters, but life matters more. Is it possible to have both?

Can Simon change how he thinks and create the business he craves?

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