The Financial Security Platform

60 Days to Build the Foundation for a Sellable Business

The Rock-Solid Foundation

Who It's For

FSP is for you if you offer services ...

  • as an advisor (like a coach or consultant)
  • as 'done for you' (like an agency)
  • your leadflow is up & down (inconsistent)

You'll have good times with plenty of work, and quieter times, which aren't so much fun.

If this is you, you're probably finding it's difficult to stand apart from the competition, so your services and prices are similar to others.

Which means you're probably looking for a new way to have consistent leadflow and a way of converting leads into cashflow that suits your personality and confidence level.

What You Will Achieve

In the next 60 days:

  • Become a 'category of one' to stand apart and create your own position
  • Create your own Unique Method so new clients 'get' you and quickly trust you 
  • Be able to 'trigger' attention so people are ready and keen to hear how you can help
  • Develop an 'Easy-Yes' offer so new clients want to go ahead sooner rather than later
  • Prepare the first 'cash campaign' to get people to self-identify as 'I'm ready'
  • Have a no-pitch way of getting clients to say "I'm in" and paying up-front

How It Works

A System to Build a Platform for financial security:

Content - structured video training with step-by-step instructions

Tools - the frameworks, templates, spreadsheets, and documents to build your platform

Community - private members group to connect with others at the same stage

Mentoring - weekly Q&A Zoom calls to ask questions, get answers and make consistent progress

Accountability - stay on track with weekly check-ins & check-outs

Support - get 24/7 support via the community or chat with your personal mentor

What Happens Next

If you're ready to build your Financial Security Platform to have a solid foundation for a Sellable Business let's see if FSP makes sense for you.

Use the button below and answer the questions to find out.


is this just a course?

The Financial Security Platform is a personally supported implementation project. Yes, you have access to all the 'how to' training and materials in the members' portal. More importantly, you have 1:1 and in-group contact with your mentor.

Our view is you don't need another course. There is no shortage of information out there. What makes the difference is what you DO with the information. In other words, our priority - and yours? - is to put this into practice and actually start getting the financial and time rewards from your client-helping expertise.

Bottom line: when it comes to creating a Financial Security Platform, implementation beats information, so we've engineered it so you get the results.

will it work for my service?

We hear this question from people who have a very specific niche, or very small audience. 

Whatever service you're offering, you need people to be interested in working with you (leadflow). You want to turn that interest into paying clients (cashflow). The Financial Security Platform puts these essentials in place. So, no matter how niche or specific your service is, you can build your FSP.

Bottom line: niche businesses can still be financially secure.

how fast can i expect to get results?

The aim is to have your Financial Security Platform in place within 6-8 weeks. 

In our experience, when people get access to all the resources and realise how deep and powerful this FSP is, many go slower. This is because smart people often overthink things. While this isn't a problem, it isn't necessary and it's avoidable - which is why we have in-person guidance and mentoring - to help you get out of your own way. 

Bottom line: just as the tortoise beats the hare, we prioritise consistency over occasional (and tiring) sprints. Work done in a rush is often needs redoing later, so what seems fast can take longer in the end. The key is to be consistent. Work 'smooth' - slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Any Questions?

Then let's speak and make sure you have all the answers.

Zero pitch.