This article is for folks offering B2B services, who are swamped. If you’re facing a heavy workload, and carry the responsibility for bringing in the money, this is for you.

I’m going to show you the likely cause of this workload, and what may be a surprising new solution. It’s transformed the businesses of clients I’ve already shared this with.

This solution comes from 10 years in professional services and international corporations, and nearly 20 years of starting, building, buying, and selling my own businesses.

I’m sharing this because I believe it matters. If you run your own business, you’re ‘not normal’. You had the courage to back yourself – it’s not ‘normal’ to take this level of risk and responsibility.

Yet, too often, business becomes a hard taskmaster, demanding long hours and high workload, often for less reward than you’re worth.

And it craves your attention – it resents you taking time away.

But that time away is super important. You didn’t start your business for the pleasure of working. More likely, you started it to put yourself in a reasonable financial situation, to have a sense of achievement, and (the dream?!) have all the time you want for life OUTSIDE work.

If your business is that hard taskmaster, read on.

The Never-ending List of Stuff To Do

Maybe this sounds familiar: a daily grind, where you’re managing a seemingly bottomless to-do list. You’re the captain of your ship, responsible for not just delivering top-notch services but also for bringing in the cash, paying the bills and finding new clients.

In a typical day, you’re juggling client projects, handling the nitty-gritty details of service delivery, and as well as wearing the ‘sales’ hat, tirelessly chasing new clients. Everything is on your shoulders. The buck firmly stops with you.

Now, here’s the kicker. If you’re like many B2B services, your pricing may be based on the hours you put in. In essence, you’re selling your time and effort, not the value you provide to your clients.

The Problem: Selling Time, Not Value

Although it’s ‘typical’, pricing this way doesn’t help. Selling your time might seem like a sensible approach, but it’s also the root cause of many of your challenges. Let’s take a look at some of the consequences:

Endless Workload: When you charge by the hour, there’s always an incentive to work more hours. It’s a never-ending cycle. Your to-do list grows, and you find yourself working late into the night, sacrificing your precious personal time.

Price Competition: Competing on price alone drives prices down. When your pricing is based on time spent, you’re in direct competition with others who might undercut you. It becomes a race to see who can work the most hours for the least pay.

Earnings vs. Available Hours: There’s a finite number of hours in a day, a week, and a year. When you’re billing for time, your earnings are capped by the number of hours you can physically work. There’s a limit to how much you can earn, no matter how skilled you are.

So, if you’ve been feeling the weight of your to-do list, battling with competitors on price, and frustrated with earnings that don’t match your effort, it’s time to recognize the real issue: selling time is holding you back.

How Did We Get Here?

Now we’ve identified the surface issue of ‘selling time,’ it’s time to delve deeper and uncover the root cause. It all comes down to a fundamental assumption many business owners make – the belief that to earn more income, you need more clients. And, to get more clients, you must put in more hours. It’s a chain reaction that seems perfectly logical, especially when you’re operating within the framework of selling your time.

Think back to the early days of your business journey. Your primary goal was clear: make money. It’s the driving force behind any entrepreneurial endeavor. And at that stage, acquiring more clients seemed like the most direct path to increasing your income. You thought, “The more clients I have, the more work I can do, and the more money I’ll make.”

This line of thinking is entirely understandable. After all, clients are the lifeblood of your business. But here’s where the narrative took an unintended turn: 

Somewhere along the way, you made the leap from “I need clients to make money” to “I need MORE clients to make MORE money.”

The Lightbulb Moment: It’s the Model, Not the Clients

Let’s pause for a moment. Take a step back and consider this: Is it truly the number of clients that determines your income? Or is it the model you’ve been using all along, the one that charges for effort?

At this point, you’ll now be seeing what you’ve been experiencing: assuming you need MORE clients to have MORE income makes your workload worse, not better! 

There IS an alternative: you don’t need more clients – you need a better model.

I’m now going to show you a better model – one that’s transformed the businesses, income and workload for several B2B service clients already. It’s a model where, as business grows, life gets better, not worse. We create certainty … by design.

The New Model: From Effort to Certainty

You’ve come to the pivotal moment of this journey – the unveiling of a model that can revolutionize your business. It’s a departure from the old paradigm of selling time; instead, it’s all about getting paid for the remarkable value you bring to your clients. Let’s explore this transformative concept together.

1. Shifting from Time to Value:

Imagine a world where you no longer trade hours for dollars. Instead, you’re compensated generously for the immense value you provide. It’s a shift in mindset that liberates you from the grind of counting hours and allows you to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional results.

2. Turning Complexity into Simplicity:

Gone are the days of offering a mishmash of bespoke solutions to various clients. Your versatility and skills can indeed address a myriad of issues, but therein lies a challenge – complexity. The new model is designed for simplicity.

3. From Useful to Anyone to Perfect for the Right One:

You zero in on one specific type of client. You know their needs intimately, and you’re armed with a solution that’s tailor-made to resolve a high-value problem they face.

4. From Hope to Certainty:

This model isn’t about reinventing the wheel for every client. It’s about having a simple, tried-and-true method to solve their problem swiftly and effectively. Your clients want solutions and results, and this model delivers exactly that.

The New Model: Simplicity, Certainty, Control:

In embracing this approach, you create a business that exudes simplicity, certainty, and control. Clients know exactly what to expect, and you can predictably deliver outstanding outcomes.

Imagine the freedom of focusing on one type of client, offering one high-value solution, and utilizing a clear and effective method to achieve extraordinary results. The beauty of this model is its elegance in its simplicity. It’s a paradigm shift that can set your business on a path to success like never before.

If you’re wondering whether one offer can earn enough? This model is now driving over £1m in revenues for one-person businesses! With over 80% profit margins too.

So yes, one offer is likely to be enough.

Where the Magic Happens

Putting these ingredients together is where the magic happens.

The right offer, positioned the right way, to the right audience.

Sold in the right way (there’s no pitching in this model – we pull clients rather than coerce anyone.)

Delivered with the right method, to achieve the right results for the client.

Rewarded handsomely.

There’s another magical part to the model I haven’t touched on yet. I’ll cover it another time, but to let you know – it’s building recurring income into the model. With recurring income in place, you have yet more certainty, and with fewer clients than needed, there’s much less ‘selling’ required. 

Simple. Clear. Certain. In control.

The Time to Change

I hope you’re beginning to see the immense potential that lies ahead.

Your services are WHAT you do. Your model is HOW you do it.

If your current model creates complexity and a high workload, remember:

Doing more cannot be the solution to having too much to do.

You can’t outwork your current model. It’s time to outthink it instead.

Maybe it’s time to change the model.

The burdens of selling time and navigating the complexities of diverse clients and services can fade into the past. In their place emerges a new vision – one of simplicity, clarity, certainty, and maximum control.

I’m using this model with all clients now. Not because it’s new, but because it’s simple, it delivers exceptional results, and it’s a load of fun!

It isn’t just theory; it’s a pathway to transformation. It’s about breaking free from the shackles of the ‘normal’ way and stepping into a future where your value is celebrated, where your business thrives, and where you have more time to enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

Next Step

If you recognize the possibilities this new model brings, I’m here to guide you, to provide the details, and to help you turn this vision into reality.

Get in touch with me via direct message (via my profile on LinkedIn), or email me

I can send you the details of the model, how it works, and how we put it into place. If you have specific questions, I’ll answer them, share experiences, and support you on your journey towards a simpler, more certain business – one that works for you rather than the other way around.

If your current model is working well for you already, stick with that. Don’t change for the sake of it.

But if business is overwhelming and feels complex, it’s likely this new model will help. Get hold of the details and decide for yourself. Don’t let the weight of the old model hold you back any longer. Step into the future with confidence and enthusiasm. It’s easier when things are simple and fun, and your business is poised for greatness.

I love the transformations happening right now. Thank you for joining me on this enlightening journey. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you embrace a brighter, simpler, and richer future.

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