What Are The 3Fs?

Financial security

Being financially secure, (some call it financial "peace") - able to create income at will


Having choices to live and work on your own terms - when, where, and with whom


Moving from "self" to "others" - the contribution possible when time and money are plentiful

When you have your own business you’re already quite special.

Let’s face it, not everyone has the courage and conviction to ‘back themselves’.

So when someone finds out, you know how that conversation will go:


“How's business going?”

“It’s going great, thanks – we’re really busy!”

Isn’t that interesting?! Isn’t it curious how ‘busy’ has come to mean ‘successful’?

When was the last time you woke up in the morning and said, “my purpose for today is to be as busy as possible!”?

Was ‘to be busy’ the reason you started the business in the first place?

Probably not!

So it begs the question ... what WAS the reason?

Over 18 years we've found people's answers boil down to 3 consistent themes.

We call these The 3Fs ...

Each one matters

1st F - Financial Security

Money is like air - it’s no big deal unless you’re not getting enough!

Since money is essential, it becomes the cause of stress and uncertainty.

“Chasing the money” can become a slight obsession. With financial security, you have a sense of financial “peace”.

Without it, there’s uncertainty, self-doubt, and occasional sleepless nights.

As a consequence, it’s easy to slip into the Busyness Delusion - being busy, “working hard” to make enough money.

Yet it doesn’t take hard work to have financial security! After all, those who work the longest hours often have little security. And vice versa.

The right method beats working hard every time.

2nd F - Freedom

Charging per-hour, per-day, or per-session is a familiar way of service pricing.

However, if you need to work more in order to earn more, it means you’re sacrificing the 2nd F (another symptom of the Busyness Delusion).

With freedom, your earnings are disconnected from how long you work.

Without it, you have a job, not a business.

As a consequence, work can feel like a hamster wheel - busy spinning, not growing … yet you can’t afford to stop.

Time-pricing is far from the only option - and other, better ways help create the 2nd F.

3rd F - Fulfilment

"I enjoy my work” is different from fulfilment. It’s certainly better than hating what you do! But it’s missing something much more valuable.

With fulfilment, business is more than just about “you”, it’s a bigger game. Without it, business is “an ok way to spend time working to pay the bills”.

The first 2Fs - enough money and free time - are important, but not enough.

Having only 2Fs leaves an empty feeling - “Is this it? There must be more to life.”

Indeed there is - being a contribution to a bigger cause than just “I’m all right, Jack”. What’s more, businesses with a bigger purpose also have better results.

A business with purpose beats a self-serving business every time.

A New Opportunity

No matter what the economic climate, there are people who want help solving their problems. The world is so full of opportunity. Anyone with the courage to make their break for 'independence’ can achieve the 1st F: Financial security.

It may take some guidance, but it’s always possible.

Some of them will also achieve the 2nd F: Freedom. True freedom, no longer bound by traditional work rules.

And when that happens, they’ll have the resources and the resourcefulness to make an impact. The open door to the 3rd F: Fulfilment.

A Sellable Business is a 3Fs business.

It has financial security (which is why someone would buy it).
It does not depend on the owner's time (which is why it's more valuable to the buyer).
It has a purpose beyond making money for the founder.

For those who are ready to move from uncertainty of the 1st F to a deliberately designed 3Fs business, the method and mentorship are available.

The opportunity is now here to turn your service business into a Sellable Business.

Here's where to start