You’ve been invited to a conference, and the speaker is Richard Branson. What do you expect him to talk about?

Here is a man known for his publicity stunts and hot-air ballooning. He’s an incredible entrepreneur, and leads a renowned brand that you’ve probably bought from in some form – holidays, banking, media, mobile phones perhaps. And perhaps because of Branson’s own style as a daring adventurer, his brand feels daring and young too.

Before he even takes the stage, we know his talk will be energetic, inspiring and bold.

Identifying what you stand for

Think about Dame Joanna Lumley. With perhaps one of the most famous voices in Britain, she is known for her work with Survival International and the Gurkha Justice Campaign. She supports animal welfare and world farming – and she’s both funny and outspoken, ready to use her famous voice to stand up against injustice in any form.

I’ve never met her, but I know what she stands for.

Now, what about you?

Imagine that you’re about to go on to the stage. It’s your turn to speak, and the audience is waiting. As the MC introduces you, what will they say?

Does your audience know what you stand for? How can they, until you do?

audience building

Why you need to be known for something?

How often do you hear the phrase, ‘people buy from people’? What they miss out is that people buy from people that we believe in, understand or can relate to.

Many would buy from Joanna Lumley. Huge numbers happily bought from Steve Jobs because he was a visionary who created innovative technology, but also because stood against the norm, and acted as a champion those who also wanted to be different. We can relate to that.

We’re possibly a lot less eager to buy in to politicians, because we can never quite get to the point where we believe in them or ‘get’ them.

Do your potential customers ‘get’ you?

It’s a whole lot easier for them to choose you when they do.

How to be known for something

We want to achieve financial security, freedom and fulfilment. To do that we need an audience that ‘gets’ us.

Perhaps you already know what you stand for? Now get that message out. Share your vision with your audience, so that they can ‘get’ you. The right ones will relate to you. The clearer your position, the stronger your connection with your audience. How will you start sharing that identity?

And if you are not yet known for something specific, or you’re not sure what you stand for? You’re not alone – a lot of business owners don’t. Those are the ones playing ‘the numbers game’, and looking for hacks to get attention.

We make a living using our skills to provide a service. We can ‘chase’ leads, or we can ‘pull’ leads towards us. Being known for what you do ‘pulls’ them. It’s powerful and a lot less effort than endless ‘lead gen’. And it’s possible for you too.

If you’re not sure what you’re known for, we can do something about that. We can help you carve out your own position, so you attract the right people towards you. Just get in touch, and we can pinpoint what you’re known for and start sharing it with your audience.

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