There are very few people on this planet who don’t know who Kim Kardashian is.

You do, don’t you?

But do you know why you know her? What is it about Kim that has made her a household name? What on EARTH has she done to achieve that status?

By contrast, you probably know exactly why Richard Branson is famous. He created the company Virgin, and he’s remained famous because he’s moved onto even greater challenges, such as sending civilians into space.

When it comes to business, and the desire to achieve financial security, freedom, and fulfilment, being known FOR something always trumps simply being known.

The secret to building an audience for your business

Winning friends and influencing people is what business is all about.

Audience building sits at the heart of every successful business strategy. But how do you become known for something?

Kim Kardashian has, admittedly, built a huge audience and a fortune that’s equally sizeable. But can her success be replicated?

Of course it can. But in order to do so, you’ll need to operate in the exact same field as her, build relationships with influential people, and experience the exact same instances of luck.

Doesn’t sound like a particularly predictable or manageable business strategy, does it?

It’s far better to focus on building influence and recognition because you’ve built something, started something, or shared something.

audience building

What’s YOUR thing?

Richard Branson’s thing was selling records at affordable prices which could be mailed direct to the customer’s doorstep.

He hit the market at the right time, but he did so with something that would make his brand memorable.

As it transpired, that brand recognition and desire to put himself at the forefront of it, enabled Virgin to spawn into a huge number of diverse sectors.

That is so smart. And, unlike Kardashian’s rise to fame and fortune, Branson’s achievement is something ANY aspiring entrepreneur can replicate. He also kept bouncing back and never gave up when things went wrong.

Sure, you may not become a billionaire, but if you follow his lead by becoming known for something, you’ll build a profitable, growing business.

That just leaves one question: what’s YOUR thing?

If I consider mine, it’s helping entrepreneurs realise that the purpose of their business isn’t to keep them in business, but to deliver financial security, freedom, and fulfilment.

That’s what I’m known for. But what about YOU?

Imposter syndrome is entirely normal, and very common. But you need to put that to one side and discover your own unique selling point – or, at the very least, the thing for which you know people will learn to recognise you.

I can help

Finding your thing isn’t easy. It took me a great deal of time to settle on the thing I wanted my business to be known for.

But you have it within you somewhere, and I can help tease it out.

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